Provide patients and staff On-Demand education using voice prompts with a base unit and existing patient room TV's and phones. Video stream to staff computer work stations.
The basic building block control system is used in each stage of the product growth so no investment is wasted. Start with basic phone controlled on demand education in all units or all floors and simply add the in room control equipment and software to grow floor by floor or nursing unit by nursing unit.
Individual rooms, nursing units or complete floors can have a mix of I-Med ED and I-Med Interactive. No lost investment, upgrade over time.
Keep the base unit and install patient room equipment (LCD TV, pillow speakers and keyboards) all at once or on your schedule.


The I-Med family of systems is designed to give you maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.  The entry level I-Med ID system forms the backbone of the fully interactive system. This architecture allows you to start with simple phone accessed on demand and migrate up to full interactivity by simply adding patient room components as circumstances and funding allow. NO all or nothing mandates.