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HealthCare Cable Systems, Inc. has recently been designated an Apple® Preferred Solutions Provider and is upgrading all our systems to Mac technology. Recognizing that when you buy a PC, you’re buying hardware from one company and an operating system and software from other companies, HCS appreciates that because Apple builds both the computer and software that comes with it, there’s no “ finger pointing” when  something goes wrong. As they say at Apple, “They’re literally made for each other.” This means that a Mac rarely freezes or crashes. And, if the occasional application might quit, it won’t affect the rest of our systems. More importantly, Mac OS resists most viruses, so you can do anything without worrying about losing everything.

Finally, a Mac is built with the latest cutting-edge technology by some of the best hardware engineers, software developers, and product designers on the planet. So, we’re getting the latest technological advances that aren’t in danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon.

Healthcare World: Fall/ Winter 2008
“I MED, FROM HEALTHCARE Cable Systems Inc., is a scalable, multi-lingual, patient-centered interactive educational and entertainment system. I-MED is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface to access television, education, movies, music and menus all from a patient’s bed...”

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