I-Med Education


  • Easy-to use, low maintenance
  • Documented viewing statistics
  • Multi-lingual
  • Test and Survey Options
  • Immediate access for patients, staff, and visitors via TV or PC

I-Med ED is an interactive digital automated patient education and staff development system that provides an easy-to-use solution for delivering your library of educational programming. I-Med ED offers multi-lingual access to programs with documented viewing statistics, helping medical facilities better manage their education process as well as meet JCAHO standards. 

Attached digitizing equipment allows hospitals to easily add programming (VHS/DVD) at their convenience and testing of viewer’s comprehension can be provided.  A full array of reports is available to track viewing statistics and this data can also be transferred to electronic records, if desired.  I-Med ED offers over 1,000 hours of storage, far surpassing any other system available today.  And, the digital bulletin board that is included in your package will allow you to produce broadcast-quality message channels both in patient rooms and throughout your facility. 

The I-Med ED central equipment is the backbone of I-Med Interactive and you can gradually upgrade, if desired, by simply adding some in-room hardware and software to your base package.  With I-Med ED, the possibilities are limitless!